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Features and uses of textile ink dtf

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        With the continuous development of printing technology, UV printing technology has received more and more attention in the printing industry. UV printing technology has the advantages of fast printing speed, good printing effect and low printing cost, so it is widely used in various printing fields. However, UV printing also has some problems, the most common problem is the difficulty of cleaning. To solve this problem, the textile ink dtf was created.

        Features of textile ink dtf

        1. Efficient cleaning: textile ink dtf uses an efficient cleaning formula that can quickly clean UV ink without causing damage to printing equipment.

        2. Environmental safety: textile ink dtf is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not contain harmful substances, and is harmless to the environment and human body.

        3. Easy to operate: textile ink dtf is easy to use, just spray the cleaning agent on the part that needs to be cleaned, and then wipe it with a cleaning cloth.

        4. Wide application: textile ink dtf is suitable for printing of various materials, such as paper, plastic, metal, etc.

        The use of textile ink dtf

        1. Cleaning printing equipment: textile ink dtf can be used to clean ink on printing equipment, such as printing presses, printing presses, etc.

        2. Cleaning printed matter: textile ink dtf can be used to clean ink on printed matter, such as business cards, posters, billboards, etc.

        3. Cleaning printing molds: textile ink dtf can be used to clean inks on printing molds, such as intaglio, letterpress, etc.

        4. Cleaning printing AIDS: textile ink dtf can be used to clean inks on printing AIDS, such as printing rollers, printing brushes, etc.

        In short, textile ink dtf is an efficient, environmentally friendly, easy to operate and widely applicable cleaning agent that can solve the cleaning challenges in UV printing and improve printing efficiency and print quality.

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