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Join the SHIT Heads: Presenting American Shit Coin (SHIT/SOL) – The Ultimate Dig

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      Be one of the first to literally own SHIT coin. Join the SHIT Heads.

      Ready to dive headfirst into the pit of idiocy? Announcing American Shit Coin (SHIT) – the ultimate example of futile digital junk!

      – Completely valueless? You got it!
      – No use? Indeed, you can bet on it!
      – Entirely for laughs? Without a doubt!
      – Similar to our chosen leaders? Absolutely, you mindless followers!

      Join the circus of idiocy and snatch your SHITcoins now! Available on exchanges for all you gullible folks who think this is a good idea . Ensure you don’t skip on this unparalleled chance to waste your funds in the toilet ! ????

      How to fill up with SHIT:

      1. Secure a digital wallet like Phantom.
      2. Deposit SOL.
      3. Go to Raydium and trade SOL for SHIT.
      4. Congratulations , you’re officially part of the mockery !
      5. Token address: CA: 2e1pdGgJEy5VbgsF5wG2jqRKoLJapjpQcXMd2TLuktUF
      6. Website:


      It’s all for a good chuckle, hope you got a laugh too – on a real note, I know I’ll be grabbing a few playful memecoins when the market picks up . A few bucks here and there, what could hurt?

      See you guys on the mountain of SHIT

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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