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The difference between soft plant capsule shell and hard plant capsule shell

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      Plant capsules are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose raw materials. Divided into hard plant capsules and soft plant capsules.

      Hard plant capsule shell: It is made by filling solid hard capsules into empty hard capsules. The hard capsule is cylindrical and is formed by tightly fitting two upper and lower matching sections. Its size is indicated by a number and can be selected according to the size of the drug dose.

      Soft plant capsule shell: Also known as pill, it is a round or oval preparation made by sealing liquid drugs or suspensions that do not dissolve oil or capsule materials such as gelatin in soft capsules. But because of the different preparation methods, it can be divided into two kinds: made by pressing method, often with a seam in the middle, so it is called a seamed rubber pill; made by the drop method, it is spherical and seamless, it is called seamless Plastic pills.

      In the future, the demand for plant capsules will show a trend of rapid growth. Although it is impossible for plant capsule to replace the traditional gelatin hollow capsule, it has obvious competitive advantages in traditional Chinese medicine preparation, biological preparation and functional food. 

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